From our Opening Day to the Current one, Dempsey's is committed to the Arts scene. We had one of South Dakota's Premier Artist ( and family friend)  (late) Larry Negaard paint our Iconic Dempsey Castle Mural. The epic piece stands the length of our Dining Room wall, into the waitress station, and sprawls onto the cealing. It was completed in the spring of 2000, started late 1999. The Castle painted is a representation of Dempsey Castle in Offaly County, Republic of Ireland. The Castle was the long standing Seat of the O'dempsey clan, before it was taken and burned in the mid 1400's. 

Pictured in the corner is a famous Bagpiper, Bill Dempsey (official bagpiper of the state of South Dakota) playing outside of the castle by the loch's. Scottish Flags adorn the castle rampants and towers. It didn't take Larry years to paint this, as he broke it down into a grid system, and worked on a section of the grid each week. 

​She's obtained a few unfortunate scratches and dings/dents from years of use, but we think the Mural is one of the neatest things about Dempsey's.

​Don't worry, we are working on an epic Sea-Salted foam poem to match the Mural.