Coming Soon : The New Beers. 

Take a tour of the Brewery! 

Curious about the process? Stop in anytime, and ask for a tour of the Brewery! There is no charge, (and it's not the longest tour) but our Brewmaster Chris Borns  can walk you though the steps on how we start with the grain, mash to create the actual beer, boil, introduce hops, and the steps to finish the process. 

​We also change all of our beer lines every 3 years, with a weekly clean scheduled as well. This week (12/05/2016) we completed the mass exchange of new beer lines. 

​We are the 2nd oldest brewery in the State of South Dakota, founded in 1999. All of our brew equipment was purchased from the Trader & Trapper in Moorhead MN. As it turned out, Bill Dempsey (II) decided after 15 years as a Deli Express route manager, to open a brewery, so he did what any normal person would do. He decided to go to an auction, bid on a brew system, won said system, and took out a loan on the family home. 

Lyne, was a little surprised when she awoke one morning to find a semi in the yard, full of brewing equipment, and Bill's declaration that not only were they opening a Restaurant / Brewery, but that they also just a little deeper in debt after the freshly paid off house was not so much anymore. 

Current Brewers:

Chris Borns

​Bill trained at the (now defunct) Sioux Falls Brewing Company, before opening up the doors in Watertown in August 1999. 

Currently, He has since retired (ish) and generally still hangs around Dempseys, giving advice, drinking scotch, and generally doing his utmost to be un-retired.

We brew with a 10 BBL system, or about 350 Gal batches at a time.

​Interested in carrying one of our beers?

​Contact Global Distribution (605)334-2413 and ask about what they have on hand!

​We can have our beer delivered to the anywhere on the eastern side of South Dakota!