Starting on February 5th is Dempsey's Quick Lunch! 

Here's the scoop. We create 5 new items a week ( Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) and feature them on their respective days! All of these items are served with the side choice listed, and take less than 5 minutes to send out.

Fresh, quality food, made to be ready to build and serve! 

All of these items are ONLY $8! 

Check out the Month's Wrap for lunch features


              Dempseys All Day Menu

The kitchen is currently managed by Head chef Katie Rukstad, who has been with Dempsey's since early 2004. At this point , she has pretty much become family. We strive to use as much fresh items as possible, and to make as much as we can from scratch. Lyne Dempsey still bakes all of the bread in the Restaurant!  Currently in the kitchen we make about 75% of everything from scratch. Executive Chef/ Owner Sean still dabbles in the kitchen most evenings as well. 

Our biggest features is our double decker NY Brick Oven, installed in 2015 after Sean graduated from the ISOP in California. Using our 24-48 hour cold rise dough method, we went from serving about 3 dozen pizzas a week, to about 350/week. Our house specialties are the Wienerschnitzel & spatzel ( my oma's recipe ), The Irish Boxty ( potato pancakes, topped with veggies, and proteins ), our revolutionary DIY salads, and on weekends we feature smoked Prime Rib. However, the Prime generally sells out early, so if your gunning for some, plan to come a little earlier. 

We hope you enjoy are creations! 

To order Carry-out, please call (605) 882-9760.



​Our All Day Menu + Pizza Menu are available everyday. We have a brunch menu for Sundays only, and feature Seasonal inserts as well.