Belfast Fog 

Toronto ( an alternative Manhattan) 

Dempsey's on a Cold, Blustery Winter night.

A Recent Paint  N Pour via Soulful Creations.

Bill & Sean Playing at St. Patricks Day 2016

A tour of the Restaurant & Pub area of Dempsey's. 

Sweet Potato & Maple Cheesecake

Transfer of the Valkyrie Red

Our Full Irish Breakfast ( every sunday at 9am) ( Banger, HS toast, Scrambled Eggs, Smoked Pork Loin, Maple beans, in-house smoked bacon + OJ

Detroit Style Pizza, Red Top.

Currently on Hiatus. 

Oktoberfest 2016 Steins. Handthrown in MN

Our famous Smoked Prime Rib, available every Friday/Saturday!

Front of Dempsey's

We Also Carry the LARGEST collection of Single Malts + Blended Whiskeys in Watertown.

Dempsey's 2017 Create N Sip Company Party. YOU ALL ROCK!

New Howlers, Growlers, Can Pints

Hendl. Part of our Oktoberfest Seasonal Menu

Dempsey's In January 2017

Our NY Double Decker Brick Oven

Our warm, inviting fireplace. 

Transferring Longship Lager

NY Brick Oven Chicken Spinach Alfredo Pizza. (12")

One of our featured Desserts, NY Pumpkin Style Cheesecake

1 week after the start of Fermentation on our latest batch of Valkyrie Red

The Thanksgiving Pizza on the FYEO Pizza Menu. 

The entrance to the Pub side. What kind of a Pub doesn't have a Surfboard?

Outside Dempsey's , Winter Night

BBQ Roast Beef Sandwich with Natural Cut Garlic Fries

The Angry Dragon Calzone

Scotch Eggs for the Robert Burns Dinner 2017

A Sassy Lass in our new Can Pints ( check out the updated logo!)

Katie's Marvelous Bread Pudding with Pumpkin Spice Latte Ice Cream

Cran'a'chan from the Robert Burns Dinner 2017

Dempsey's Smoked Prime Rib (King Cut) 

It's amazing the difference between a Smoked Cut, and a basic baked cut.

Red Argentina 16/20 CT Shrimp, for our Tomato Basil Shrimp Cappeletti Pasta

Barrel Aged Gin, made in house

The Carmen Sanedieago 

The myriad of new Dempsey's FYEO Pizzas.

A freshly poured pint of Frostbite Lager 10/17/2016

Bar Manager Adam Erickson with his 2016 Certificate of Excellence in Customer Service from SD State

Our "Have yourself a Mario little Xmas" Wreath for the WTN Chamber of Commerce's Mix & Mingle Event

Side of Dempsey's Front. 

Our Mural. Painted by (the late) Larry Negaard) 

The start of circulation in our Grant back into the Mash/Lauter tun to mix the grain.