Drops Of Jupiter Red Blend​ California 

Tasting Notes: Plums, mixed berries

Why you should drink it: It's just an easy drinkin' Red table wine. It's produced by the band "Train" so i've always enjoyed humming a few stanza's while drinking this. 

Glass $5

​Bottle $19

CarniVour Cabernet Sauvignon: California

Tasting Notes: Blackberry, Carmel, Roasted Coffee

Why you should drink it: It's prestigious. Multiple Awards, high wine score, and it's a lot like Rick Astley. It's never going to let you down.

Glass $5.5

Bottle $21 

Stein One Sweet Red Deutschland 

Tasting Notes:Raspberry, plum, silky tannins

Why you should drink it:  It's the only red we served chilled. Smooth, easy drinking , makes a great spritzer

Glass $5.25

​Bottle $21

Starling Castle Riesling Mosel, Deutschland

Tasting Notes: Honey-suckle, lemon, melon, peach

​Why you should drink it: Light & Breezy. When your in the mood for something sweet. ( pairs well with our Chicken Broccoli Alfredo) 

Glass $5.25

Bottle $19

Wine List down below

Starborough Sauvignon Blanc New Zealand

Tasting Notes: Passion Fruit, Guava, Kiwi, Citrus

Why you drink it: It's a little dry, however it's made from dreams. Good dream at that. Pairs well with any of our Vegetarian Options, or with our CSA Brick Oven Pizza

Glass $5.5

​Bottle $21

Mirrasou Moscato California

Tasting Notes: Peach, Tangerine, Melon

Why you should drink it:  It's sweet. It's the essence of Summer in a bottle, trapped in a bottle! Our most popular wine, pairs well with our Turkey Cranberry Melt

Glass $5.25

​Bottle $19

Our Current Wine List

Dreaming Tree Crush Red Blend California

Tasting Notes: Raspberry Jam, Vanilla Oak, mixed berries

Why you should drink it: Dave Matthews Band Wine. Heavy sustainability, from vine to the bottle. And it's an all around great red blend!

Glass $5.75

Bottle $22

Just Arrived! 

Trapiche Oak Cask Malbec Argentina

Tasting Notes: Black Cherry, light pepper, berry flavors

Why should you drink it: It's like a very sophisticated brunette (with a silk scarf). When your feeling a little exotic. 

Glass $5.75

Bottle $22

Our Current Drink Menu

We like to alter this menu every couple weeks, just to update Beer lists, available craft beers. and liquor drinks. Wine Menu is also updated often, and selected by a wine enthusiast.

Our Bar is headed by our Bar Director, Adam Erickson. Adam is a recent award winner of the Gold Service Star from SD State. He has a heavy knowledge of Scotch, Whiskeys, and a mastermind when it comes to creating the ultimate cocktail.

​We hope you enjoy our selections.