An Update


Well, it's been a crazy few weeks. Happy New Years! We are only TEN days into the new year, and we already have quite the lineup for 2017. In January, we have ARTS NIGHT this coming Thursday, a Create N Sip Event on the 24th, The 11th Annual Robert burns night on the 22nd (sunday) and our Monthly PUB TRIVIA night on the 28th! Not to mention February or March. 

Regardless , we hope the holidays treated everyone well. We received a massive update on our new modern logos, and the ALT logo, which i will be unveiling soon, along with new Growlers, Howlers, Pints, and Merchandise. We are also hoping to having our sign pre-lim done soon, along with starting our GIVEBACK program, Dempsey Charity X, (until we come up with a better name) 

I'll try to update more as time allows. 

Cheers! Prost! Skál! Kippis! 

Love, Dempseys 

​Quick Update


It's almost XMAS! Can't believe that statement. Really can't. It always just creeps up, and then its there. AHHH! 

Anyways. Hope everyone has gotten their shopping done, and if not ( Pub Gift Certificates + Growlers) always make a great present! 

We will be hosting our 1st ever Pub Trivia Night on NYE! This will be a free event. We were looking for something different, that still ends early enough to go ring in the New Year Down Town! Of course, we would love to have you stick around here, (plus we have free mimosas at Midnight!) 

Were also ordering our Haggis for the 10th Annual Robert Burns Dinner today. IF you've never been, its a blast. Colin does a toast to the Haggis (which is piped out) following a five course meal, (each served with a single malt scotch) and a very entertaining evening. Tickets are $40. You can call Dempseys and reserve, or make them at the physical location. I'm looking forward to the Scotch Eggs. 

It also still floors me that it's almost 2017. Where did the year go? It's been quite a year for us at Dempsey's, one most of us soon won't forget. Well, back to measuring the gravity and ABV of the latest batch if Valkyrie Red (ready soon!) 




Update 11/10/2016

​Today i wanted to talk a little about our brewery

We bought the brewery system + the tanks from a new defunct restaurant + brewery in Moorhead Mn, called the Trader and Trapper, when i was about 12. It's a place i don't remember much about ( being 12 an all), but i remember they had a black and pink carpet downstairs for a rave type scene, and upstairs was a full restaurant, complete with captains chairs, and nooks and crannies everywhere. 

​I'm not sure what happened to them, but we ended up buying all the brewery equipment( and most of the chairs) out of there, and bringing them back to Watertown. Bill has said he had 3 spots selected for a new brewery, pub & restaurant, and Watertown ended up being selected. So, in 1999 we opened as the Highland Laddie. But this isn't about the ups + downs of the Laddie ( which was a famous bagpipe tune )

We have SIX 350 gallon storage tanks in the basement, along with THREE fermenters upstairs, our brew kettle + mash/lauter tun tank, the grant, and the hot liquor tank. All are part of the matching system made by Century ( a company no longer in business ) but they made a very solid system. We get our grain, hops, and yeast out of Kasota MN, at the Rahr malting company. We tend to stick with T-90 Pellets, (which is about 90% hop residue) which is a standard for the commercial brewing world. We've always brewed with heavy notes of Cascade, Chinook, Tetnaug, Hallertau, and Willamente. I probably butchered the spelling of those a little. 

The brewery is our biggest pride and joy. When we brew, the feeling we get, of making the beer Watertown loves, the different flavors evoked from the smell of different types of grain, the body and gravity we get off our beers, it's just a brilliant experience. We brew our Five beers, and the seasonal's, which most people i've encountered who've been to Dempsey's always remember their favorite. We don't do a whole lot of crazy odd batches ( such as a cucumber saison, or a red pepper and currant kolsch) due to the size of the system. It's made for large scale batches, not so much on Pilot batches, which in 2017 we are hoping to acquire a small pilot system to play around a bit more. 

Upcoming next for the brewery is Valkyrie Red, and following that, we brew a quick batch of Valhalla Creme Soda, we will begin planning on either ( an unfiltered hefeweizen, or some type of Rye), though the hefeweizen sounds like the front runner ( Saaz bohemian czech hops) (Our Longship Lager was our last brewed beer, on 11/09/16)

I guess the point I'm trying to get to, is that we love what we do. We appreciate everything our friends and patrons (which in most cases are the same people) do for us, and the continued support. 

So, Risk game night? I'll let you know when. 



Robert Burns Supper 2017


Update 10/23/2016 (Sunday)

Kon'nichiwa! Ahoj! Hoi! Zdravstvuyte!

Update Time! It's been an insane weekend at Dempseys! Today we unveiled a "new" brunch menu. "new" because it looks alot like the older one, at least i design. We are still serving Bottomless Mimosas from 9am-noon every Sunday, and we wouldn't dream of pulling the Full Irish Breakfast ( Opas' banger, roasted pork loin, maple beans, scrambled eggs, cherrywood bacon, honey-stout toast + OJ ) but we did lose corned beef hash + Greek yogurt + seasonal fruit mix. 

The big add on is the DIY omelets, were you can pick and make your own, starting at $7 bones. We are working on a couple culinary creations to call our own, so stay tuned! 

We are also making a few radio ads you should be hearing soon, on Power 106.3 & KWAT/KDLO/Hippie Radio. 

It's also our line cook Weston Grahams 44th Birthday! Happy Birthday old man! 

Coming up this week:

This Thursday we are featuring Detroit Style Pizzas ( 10X14 + 8X10 ) available all day ( but only on the day ) 10/27/2016

This Friday, Saturday is the Tim Lightfield benefit. (10/28, 10/29) 

Personally having known Tim, i can tell you this benefit is brilliant. It's a collaboration of musicians getting together and playing for TWOSTRAIGHTDAYS. Tim was affectionally known as the Piano Man, so it's fitting his friends still get together and play. There is a $5 cover charge ( gets you in for both Friday + Saturday) however this all goes to supplementing the scholarship on his name to the Watertown High School.

If your free, please consider stoping by and having a pint for Tim. 

Anyway, hope everyone has a great week!



​We are going to stream all of our constant updates on this page. It's going to be frequently changed ( about every monday, if not sooner than that ) depending in time. 

We are going to talk about Dempsey's overall eventual plans, new things we are/want to start doing, community projects we are helping in, and overall, just a bunch of information that i really can't post all on Facebook. 

I'll tag and update each Post to help to find it things, and eventually archive everything as it gets bigger and bigger.

Cheers! Proost! Skál! Prost! 

-Sean Dempsey

Dempsey's Update 11/3/2016


This Thursday (today) we are releasing our FYEO secret Pizza menu to the public. This is our Kitchen staff oddball pizza collection, we decided to make available to the public every now and than. We will randomly announce when it's out, however after today, it will generally be a request menu only. 

The biggest downside on having a full menu, is you always want to add things, and keep trying new ideas, which is exactly why the platform for the FYEO pizza menu was born from. Plus i like saying "For your eyes only" 

The Tim Lightfield Benefit was a smashing success! 

And this weekend we will be firing Prime both Friday, Saturday evenings. We are also in the process of retooling out Brewery, so new exciting things coming out of there Very, VERY soon! We are looking at some new style, a new alternate logo for the doors and just for our beer, a massive sign for the front of the building ( facing DT) and a new tap assembly. It's going to be a great Winter here at Dempseys. Or, at the very least, a very busy one.

I also feel i'm the only one excited about the new 13" oversized plates + Pacific heavy Silverware. It's going to be uberwonderbar. I'm also feeling old getting excited for my previous statement. 



Dempseys Update 11/16/2016

We Adopted a Highway! Alas, all good things cannot always be, as they missed the P in Dempsey's, but it's a non-issue for us. We will plan on having a big cleaning day sometime early this spring, as we fear snow may already be on her way here. 



Quick Update


​Wow, it's already December. We are gearing up for a crazy busy month, with a ton of XMAS parties, and the snow piling on up. Well, today we woke up with a feature in 605 Magazine, in which we shared some of our trade secrets in the form of a Sassy Lass cocktail, and our house specialty, a Wienerschnitzel. If you haven't read the magazine before, they are based out of Sioux Falls, and do some pretty wonderful work (

Quick is absolutely the word for this update, i'v got to head in and throw some pizzas for a large TOGO order at eleven. 



Another Quick Update​



It's been a pretty exciting couple of weeks here at the pub! We had the Twins Winter Caravan stop by for lunch on 1/17/2017, with head coach Paul Molitor in attendance, and a few players & Dick Bremer! Alas, i was in Pierre attending the SD Governers Conference  (which was an amazing event!) so i missed out on meeting them. Next year.

​We had our 11th annual Robert Burns Dinner this last Sunday which was a fun and eventful evening. Guests were treated to the piping out of the haggis, a five course meal, complete with a selection of fantastic Scotch's and a whole lot of good company. We've got our Next Create N Sip Event this Tuesday (24th) with Soulful Creations which should be a fantastic time. 

After that, we have our Next Arts night on the 9th of February, and Valentines Day Week coming up


Love, Dempseys! 

​Quick Update 12/5/2106

First off, the new Final Fantasy is fantastic. 


It's been an exciting couple of weeks here at Dempsey's! We are looking at another great feature in a national magazine coming up very, very soon! We were put into 605 Magazine's December issue, and we now stock at Dempsey's as well, and today we are replacing all of our Beer line (over 600FT) in the building. I'm pretty excited. We have in the works a new beer being produced before the end of the year, the Konnigweizen (?) the White King unfiltered hefeweizen to replace Frostbite Lager (which is ALMOST GONE!) 

We have new drink menu's out today, along with the long over-due return of Longship Lager back to our fair port. 

We will be closed XMAS, however we will be open until 9pm on XMAS eve, with the main Pub staying open until later. 

Until later



Quick Update 10/28/2016

​Tim Lightfield Benefit starts today at 6pm, and goes on until Saturday night! There is a $5 Cover Charge, that completely goes to supplement the WHS Scholarship in Tim's name. All of these bands have donated their time to play this event, and it's a great way to hear the sounds of Watertown! Plus, the cover is a wristband, good for both days. 

We will also be smoking Prime Rib again for this weekend, we've just gotten new, oversized pasta bowls, and 12" Farmhouse Steak Plates. And some nice, heavy Pacific style Silverware. Which, may not seem like much of a topic, but i can dig it. Heavy silverware feels 100X better than cheap tools, so when you cut into your steak, your not just trying to rip it apart, when you fork a forkfull of noodles and the bowl makes sure you don't cover the table in excess alfredo, when your plate is massive, and gorgeous looking, it all adds to the dinner experience we want you to have here at Dempsey's. 

I've always been a firm believer in life is about the details, and i think food is the same way. Quality is apparent that it has to be there, but the presentation, the delivery, the cool mug your beer came in, the heaviness of the flatware, it's all part of what we are trying to do. 

​So, in quick recap. New Silverware. New Pasta Bowls. New Steak 12" Plates. Prime this weekend. And Brunch this Sunday AM at 9am! Rumor has it i'm playing with Flapjacks!

And the Tim Lightfield Benefit Today, and Saturday. 

Prost! Cheers! Slainte!


Quick Update ​


It's been a crazy busy year. Currently, we are only 2 days removed from the Great American Beer Festival. We entered our Attersee Deutsch Alt-bier this year, and though we failed to medal, we had a hell of a wonderful time trying new beers and expanding our horizons. The amount of creativity in the craft beer scene is unbelievable. Its even better to see a few South Dakota breweries out their representing. 

We have just become a Verified Venue on Untappd, so if you haven't, find us and subscribe!

We have Our #frodosbane schwartzbier in the tank, along with our Battle-axe Blonde.

Currently we are up to 4 beers back on tap, with an extra 3 new tap lines coming in for extra guest taps. There's a lot of decent beer in the world. 

​New menu will dropping at the end of October as well as some November seasonals. 

Finally, Sean & Bacon & Bill will be venturing to Atlantic City next Monday to compete in the 3rd annual Caputo Cup Classic, Bacon in NONTRAD and Sean in Trad. Bill just to gamble. 

​We've been practicing our art, so here's hoping! 



Update 10/21/2016 (Friday)

Yo. Greetings. Helló. Hi. Hallo! Gutentag! Bonjour! Hej!

Here's the latest updates at Dempsey's.

     Winner of our Facebook Competition #1 was a teacher for WHS ( Watertown High School) who won free pizzas for lunch for the entire staff. So, about 24 pizzas, to feed about 120 teachers and staff members. We still have two more winners to deliver pizzas to. 

This competition is a Facebook Share/Like, and we let the Impartial Oktoberfest Hat pick a 3 winners, who all win Lunch for their respective businesses. We have three more winners to pick out of the last batch of people ( which ended up being about 27,000 impressions, and 415 shares, 358 likes, 87 comments. Which is our biggest post to date. Cheers to all of you for sharing, liking, and all the Wunderbar Comments

Besides that, we will have a brewery representative today at the Rooster Rush tent on 212 + 81, talking and sampling out samples of our Valkyrie Red. Stop by and see Julie if you happen to be around! Who doesn't like free beer? 

We've also received our shipment of Britannic 20 oz mugs, to replace the Imperials. Britannic's are heavier, less likely to break, have been emblazoned with the Dempseys Crest, and can be chilled without fear of breaking. Plus, they look pretty damn neat. Next time your around, order a Britannic, pref with a Frostbite Lager (my personal favorite) (and it's a 20oz mug for .50 cents more than a traditional pint.) 

​Tonight we are smoking Prime Rib for the weekend. What i find that we do different than most places around is we actually use cherry wood chips, S/I Ribeye, and slow smoke it at about 240 degrees, compared to the usual top a ribeye with seasoning salt and bake for 3 hours. Ours is seasoned and rubbed with a Montreal Canadian steak seasoning, heavily encrusted on the top, letting the spice marinate with meat. It really creates a very one of a kind product. We generally only smoke about a 30lb Ribeye on Fridays, and another on Saturday, so it generally sells out pretty fast. Get here early if you're interested!

We are proud to announce we have also installed a baby changing station in the Mens restroom as well, so both bathrooms finally have changing stations for babies. President Obama signed into law that all public (government) buildings had to have them in both bathrooms, but we figured ( besides that it was coming) to just get it done now. Plus, we feel that if the situation arrises, it would be quite nice to be able to change a baby in your own bathroom. 

I could ramble for days, about the next steps were taking here, the experimentation that were going to conduct on a new type of Pizza in about an hour, or share the design of the new Coffeehaus we are planning, but that will have to wait for another date. ( by the way, the only name that has stuck so far is "The Surly Dolphin" 

Until next time,

Cheers! Tschüss! Farvel!