Welcome to Dempseys Brewery, Pub & Restaurant!

​We are the Premier dining experience in Watertown. Founded in 1999 by Bill Dempsey (II) and currently run by his son Sean Dempsey, Dempsey's is proud to have received many awards, including Best Brew at the Brookings Beer fest  (August 2017) Best Chili (judging, zoo, 2017) and a certificate of excellence for 2017 from Trip Advisor.  We serve a variety of food, and we strive to make as much from scratch as possible. 

Sean attended the ISOP school in San Fran California for Pizza's, and became South Dakota's only certified Pizzaiola.  Sean is also a member of the United States Pizza Team. The restaurant features a double decker NY brick oven, a variety of specialized pizzas, and we currently blow through about 400 pizzas a week, or about 700lbs of dough a week! Sean competes on a regular basis, with competitions in Ohio, Atlantic City, Las Vegas, and more on the docket for 2018!


Our signature house specialty is our Wienerschnitzel & Spatzel, recently featured in the December 2016 issue of 605 Magazine. ( the recipe is from Maria Dempsey (Bill's mother, Seans Oma)  (CHECK OUT THE MEDIA PAGE)

Sean Dempsey is also the 2017 NW Division winner at the International Pizza Challenge in Las Vegas, and finished #10 overall nationwide. ( you can see more accolades in our July 2017 issue of 605 Magazine and the interview with Sean) 


We also are the 2nd oldest brewery in the State. We brew a variety of beers, and a root-beer (with a cream soda on the way)ATM, we only sell in house, and in growlers TOGO. We have a brand new brewer, Chris Borns, and we have recently updated all of our brew works equipment and recipes. Our Longship Lager was named "Best Brew" at the Brookings Beer fest in August 2017


Our restaurant can comfortably seat 170, not including Bar seating + patio seating. Reservations are generally not required, however big groups are encouraged to call ahead or message us for a reservation, as we can get pretty busy. 


We are a South Dakota Great Service Gold Star winner, and we like to think we have the best staff in the world. 


So, if your coming to Watertown, or just looking for a new place for dinner, drinks, or just a good time, we would love to be your destination. We are open 7 days a week, at 11am, except for Sundays, were we serve brunch at 9am. 











                          Our 2016 Watertown Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting

Pictured from L to R ( for Dempsey's staff) Jayme Erickson ( left ribbon holder), Paige Dempsey (blue shirt) Sean Dempsey (center, with the oversized shears), Lyne + Bill Dempsey (in the middle, white + blue shirt) Caren Hanten (FOH manager) Purple Shirt, Julie Eckman ( in-between Caren & KT) Trainer, Katie Rukstad (grey shirt) Head Chef Kitchen Manager, Adam Erickson (black shirt ribbon holder) Bar Director, Micheal Bacon (white shirt)

Hours of Operation


11am - 12 am



Proudly located in Watertown South Dakota